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Design-Build Construction

What is Design-Build Construction?

Design-Build construction is a simpler and easier way to complete construction projects. Focusing on collaboration between designers, builder and client from the outset of the project, this approach encourages greater creativity, and saves time and money via enhanced communication throughout the project, and delivers a superior product in the end – YOUR dream home!

Partnering designers, builder and owner from the beginning of a project creates ultimate results!

Instead of hiring different companies for the design, the building, and finish contractors as needed, the project is completely managed by Nautilus Construction. We have been trained and certified in Construction Project Management, and know that a build project that involves all the parties from the beginning is far more likely to encounter fewer issues, produce better results, and the efficiency reduces costs. We keep everyone involved on the same page, streamlining the process, in addition to minimizing costs.

Design-Build Construction means:

  • Improved Communication
  • Enhanced Design Creativity
  • More Efficient Construction
  • Reduced Costs

Nautilus Construction is with you every step of the way through the concept and design phases, to the building construction process ensuring the finished product is exactly what you are looking for. We manage all the contractors, vendors and other professionals involved in the project, ensuring the project runs smoothly, on-time and within budgets. We can’t wait to see you move into your dream home!

Construction Financing Options Available!

We can handle your entire design-build construction project, bringing the construction loan as part of our services so you don’t have to worry about financing until your mortgage closing. Through our partnership with Deering Lumber, all project financing is handled through Nautilus Construction. *30% equity required

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