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5 Tips for Planning Additions

We really enjoy helping homeowners make their homes more comfortable by creating an addition that meets their current needs, and blends architecturally with the existing structure. Planning an addition is exciting and nerve-wracking, check out our five best tips to get started on your way to success:

Know Your Property Options

Before you even get started with design, figure out what you are actually allowed to do about adding on to your property. You’ll need an accurate plot plan that shows exactly where your property lines are, and the location of any existing structures on the property. Your town’s zoning laws will determine what your required setbacks are which may have an impact on the options you have for the placement and size of your addition. Your local Zoning office or your local Registry of Deeds should have this information available for you. You absolutely should not skip this step! Any building too close to property lines or not conforming to your local zoning may have to be torn down, so this is a very costly mistake to make.

Needs versus Wants

It’s easy to be planning for the new bedroom you need, and suddenly find yourself designing a master bathroom with double sinks and a jacuzzi tub. It’s important early on to make a list of what you actually need that is motivating you to plan an addition so you don’t lose sight of that in the excitement of design possibilities. Be clear about what new functions you need from the additional space, then you can add in some special items or splurges if they fit in the budget. The clearer you are about what issues the addition needs to solve, the better you can describe your needs to your designer or contractor.

Budget Realistically

Your designer, architect or builder will help you determine the costs for your addition, but you need to have a number in mind that is affordable and fits in your overall household budget. There are also a number of costs to additions that are not direct building costs – items such as increased property taxes, utilities expenses, and the cost of new furnishings all impact the bottom line of the total cost of your addition. You should also plan a contingency budget, because all construction projects seem to go over for one reason or another. Sometimes materials have to be swapped out based on availability, or you might realize you want to add a design feature after-the-fact. Get real with your budget and stick to it so that your addition doesn’t stress you out financially.

Hire Professionals

Additions are not DIY opportunities. Find a designer, architect or builder that you are comfortable with and let them help you design an addition that meets your needs and adds value to your property. When you are adding on to the structure of your home, you want to know that all the code and safety requirements are met, and you want this project to be completed in a timely manner, not drag on endlessly while you try to fit it in on the weekends. If you are financing your project, your bank will likely require a licensed contractor. A good architect or contractor will listen to your ideas, work to meet your needs, but also not lead you down a path that isn’t feasible. Not to mention, these folks do this every day so their knowledge and creativity is likely beyond what you are capable of coming up with. These professionals also know other quality vendors you may need to handle other aspects of your project. Not sure where to start to find someone? Check out our blog about hiring contractors.

Have a Construction-Free Zone

Having construction in your home is disruptive, no matter how carefully you plan everything out. Work into your plan some livable, construction-free areas where life can go on with some normalcy. If you are redoing your kitchen, for example, create a small temporary area with a small refrigerator, microwave and hot plate. Create a space where you can escape so the inconveniences of an addition don’t get to you – this is when people make rash decisions that they regret.

How Nautilus Construction Can Help

Who you hire to work with you on your addition or remodel is the most important decision you will make in the whole process. You want to work with someone you can trust, communicate easily with, and who has the experience and expertise to bring your vision into reality. At Nautilus Construction, we offer design-build services to help you from conceptualization of your project, through to the finishing touches of your new addition or remodel, and we can manage all the pieces in between. Call us today so we can discuss your new project with you!