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Jay Rainville

We most definitely made the right decision when we chose Nautilus Construction for our project to renovate our weekend house into our full-time retirement residence. They skillfully transformed our condominium in a historic 1895 building, giving us a beautiful new staircase, new kitchen, custom built-in cabinet/bookcase, crown moldings, and updated flooring and lighting.

Everyone we worked with throughout the process was excellent… Chris and his staff were talented and amazing. Owen’s attention to detail goes beyond being a fine craftsman to a true artist. The design service, the subcontractors, and the vendors were all very professional, informative, and easy to work with.

In addition to the precision and quality of workmanship, the real talent was exhibited by doubling our kitchen counter and cabinet space within the confines of structural walls that could not be moved.

As with any major project, there were bumps in the road; but it is important to note that they were only bumps and were rectified immediately – there was never any drama.

We’re most happy to say that all of this was accomplished without going over budget. We’re comfortably enjoying our newly renovated surroundings and would whole-heartedly recommend Nautilus Construction.